May 17 Set for Pack Picnic

Our annual Picnic/May Advancement/Tiger Graduation has been set for Saturday, May 17, at Fontana Nature Preserve in Hazleton. We will be in the open-air pavilion across the river and up by the playground.

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Pavilion Reserved from 3-9 PM
  • Begin arriving anytime after 2 pm
  • Compass and Fishing begin after 2 pm
  • Charcoal starts around 4 pm
  • Dinner starts between 5 & 5:30 pm
  • Advancements/Tiger Graduation follows dinner
  • End by around 7:30

The Pack will provide the main meal – hot dogs on the grill – drinks, and paper goods/plates. Each den is asked to contribute a dish to round-out the pot-luck meal.  If you have any questions, please contact your Den Leader.

Hope to see you all there!

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Pinewood Derby Workshop (March 8th)

PWD workshop day

The worshop helps the family to work on their son’s car especially those families that don’t have tools to design the car. The workshop will have the tools to shape the car and drill holes into the car for weight to be added to make the car close to the 5 ounces. Take this opportunity and don’t be left out without car for the pinewood derby (March 15th).

Workshop is on Saturday, March 1st from 1 pm to 5 pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church (512 5th St. NE). It will be in Luther Hall (lower level of split level area).  Signs will be posted to direct you.

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Febuary Pack Meeting Blue and Gold

Blue & Gold Banquet

Saturday Feb 1st

Parent information for Blue and Gold.

Tigers – Setup, Rolls & Butter

Wolves – Salads/Green Stuff

Bears – Hot Dishes, including cooked veggies. NO CORN; potatoes are taken care of.

Webs I – Desserts

Webs II – Desserts

2:00 – Tigers help with Setup & Decorations Tigers may leave after setup.

4:45 – Show Up in FULL BLUES. This includes blue shirts WITH PROPER PATCHES,

neckerchief/slide, belt.  NO HOLEY JEANS, SHORTS, FLIP-FLOPS. Shirts will be tucked in.

5:00 – Flag Ceremony by ?

5:05ish – Pre-dinner Programming, including:

–          FOS Presentation

–          Summer Camp Discussion

–          Polar Bear Announcement

–          Pinewood Derby Announcement

5:30 – Dinner

6:30 – Awards if Any.

7:00 – Bridging Ceremony

7:30ish – Closing Flags (?)

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December Pack Meeting “Cubs Caroling”

When: December 11th, 2012 at 6:30

Where: Start at the Long Term Care unit at the hospital

The pack meeting for December will involve the Cubs singing songs and warming hearts.  The Cubs will start at the Long Term Care unit, then go onto East and West Towne Care centers.  After caroling the cubs will head back to the Long Term Care unit for Hot Chocolate and COOKIES…

The following songs are on the caroling list.  The full songs will be distributed by individual dens at den meeting.

  • “Frosty the Snowman”
  • “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
  • “Silent Night”
  • “Deck the Halls”
  • “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”
  • “Jingle Bells”
  • “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas and Happy New year


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Good Food and a Good Cause

photo credit: Pizza Ranch

photo credit: Pizza Ranch

Mark your calenders for Wednesday, December 5th and Thursday, December 6th, 2012.

The Independence Cub Scout pack 75 will be doing a fundraiser at Pizza Ranch in Independence.  10% of all Dine-In sales comes back to the pack.  Tips are also welcome and appreciated.  The time of the fundraiser will be from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  On December 5th the Wolf Den will be working from 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm.  The Tiger Den will be working from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm.  On December 6th the Bear Den will be working from 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm.  The Webelos I & II Dens will be working from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm.

The scouts will be selling coupons for discounts at Pizza Ranch as well.  The coupons sell for $10.00 and procedes go to the local pack.

Some rules:

  • Scouting shirts…Preferably Class A if owned.  Otherwise Class B.  Shirts tucked into pants(no shorts).
  • No Gum
  • Please wear your hair up if you have long hair
  • Don’t Cut off your Arm (or Leg)

Tell your friends and family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


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Welcome New Cub Scouts!

…and new parents! We’re SO happy to have you as part of our Pack.

The first thing you should know is that this is no longer “our” Pack, it’s your Pack, too. And the Pack gets better when more people are involved.

Take a browse around this site, read old posts, check out the Calendar. If you don’t remember when/where your Den meets, or you want to invite a friend, that information is on the About page. If you have questions or comments, feel free to post a comment. Sign up for updates, we try to update the blog as often as we can to keep you updated.

Boys, read through your book, think about the ways that you can start working on your ranks. Parents, think about volunteering – the more parents we have involved, the better the Pack is. Our Leaders’ Meetings are always open to parents – we meet at Bill’s Pizza, in the back party room, usually on the first Sunday of the month, at 7 pm. Some months, this gets changed, as the day falls on a Holiday Weekend – like this September 2012; the first Sunday was on Labor Day Weekend, so we switched the meeting to September 9. We hope to see you all there!

Our September Meeting should be a good one. We will kickoff our Fall Popcorn Sale (Pecatonica River Popcorn… YUM!!), maybe hand out some awards that were earned over the Summer, and then we will “Retire” an old and worn American Flag. This is a serious event, so we request that Scouts and Scouters (adult leaders) alike be in the most uniform you can be – if you’re new, that means your new Pack T-shirt. If you’re a ranked Scout, that means Dress Blues, complete with neckerchief, slide and belt.

We’ll see you all on Tuesday evening!

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Aquanaut Clinic and Pack Pool Party!

The August Pack Meeting will be a Pool Party on Friday, August 3. We will gather at the Independence Pool starting at 7:30 pm. We finish at 9:00.

Webelos – before the pool party, beginning at 6:30 PM, Craig Bussan will provide an opportunity for you to earn your Aquanaut Pin. So if you’re ready to do some swimming, show up early.

The Pool Party itself is open not only to Cub Scouts, but to their entire family. We will provide bug juice (I PROMISE not to make it, after last year’s massive fail), but we won’t have any snacks provided by the pack. If you’d like to bring a snack to share, you’re more than welcome to do so.

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Summer Camp 2012 – Exploring the Olympics

It was brought to my attention that the health form link that I included in this post was incorrect, taking you to That has been fixed – it now takes you to the Health Form Explanation Page, which contains links to “fill-out-able”. pdf forms.

Ok, gang… the post you’ve all been waiting for!! SUMMER CAMP!!!

The details: We will be leaving sometime in the late afternoon on Thursday, July 5. Exact time will be posted in an update to this post by Monday, July 2nd, since we will hash that little detail out at the Leader’s Meeting on Sunday Night (7PM at Bill’s, if anyone wishes to attend. Meetings are open, parents are always welcome).

And here is the update: We will meet at 5:00 PM in the St. John School Parking Lot. At this time, we will do a ‘shake down’ – checking kids to make sure they have proper footwear, extra socks & undies, swim suits, jeans/long pants, sunscreen, sleeping bags, medical forms, teddy bears, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies for the Cubmaster. We will then figure out rides, load up, and be on the road at 5:30 PM. Return is nebulous… make sure that your Den Leader or the Cubmaster has your phone number, if you’re not going, and we’ll let you know what time to expect us on Sunday. We usually check the weather and go by how the kids are feeling, because Sunday is generally an “open stations” day, and they have free rein to go do whatever stations they want. I expect that we will leave no later than 1:30, but this could change.

**Because of the time that we plan to leave, and the time we are to check-in, as well as travel, setup, etc., we will not be stopping at McDonald’s for dinner. Please pack a sack dinner for your son (and husband, if this applies!!), otherwise he will miss dinner! Camp is NOT providing an evening meal on Thursday, and neither is the Pack. It’s everyone for themselves on this one. We will have coolers for transporting food, but no cooking facilities.**

We will be camping at Ingawanis Adventure Base, 2482 Grand Avenue, Waverly, IA, 50677.

What the boys should bring:

  • Scout Uniform. This includes Blue Shirt with all insignia correctly affixed, neckerchief/slide, and belt. If the boys wish to remove the loops so they don’t get lost, that’s ok.
  • Yellow Scout T-Shirt
  • Scout Handbook, pencil to mark achievements
  • Sleeping Bag/pillow/PJ’s
  • T-shirts (no ‘questionable’ messages)
  • Shorts
  • Underwear
  • SOCKS (extra socks, in case your main pair gets wet. You can NEVER have enough socks!!)
  • Closed-toe shoes. Gym shoes are fine, as are trail/hiking shoes or boots. Bring an extra pair, in case yours get wet
  • Swimsuit/Towel
  • Jeans (you will need them even if it’s hot, we’re riding horses, and trust me, you do NOT want to ride in shorts)
  • Jacket/sweatshirt
  • Rain gear
  • Brimmed Hat/baseball cap
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Soap/shampoo
  • Comb
  • Sunscreen (non-aerosol)
  • Insect repellant (non-aerosol)
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle/Canteen

What the boys should NOT bring:

  • Open toed shoes, flip-flops (not even for the pool)
  • Crocs/croc-style shoes
  • Illegal drugs
  • Large knives
  • Pocket knife, UNLESS they have their Whittlin’ Chip, then they must be carrying that card, as well
  • Bows/Arrows
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Alcohol
  • Fireworks
  • Pets
  • Electronics, including iPods, gaming systems, etc. They are not allowed in camp, and we don’t want to take the security risk in the vehicles.

Health Forms are required for everyone. If you do not have one on file with the pack, or if you are unsure about whether it is still valid (they expire after 1 year), please contact your Den Leader, or your Cubmaster. The “doctor’s physical” requirement has been removed, so any adults who are going should simply follow the link, fill out the form, and email a copy to the Cubmaster at I will see to it that your Den Leader is notified of this. You may also CC him/her with the form, if you wish.

We request that any adult who is attending camp with us take the time to familiarize yourself with the BSA’s Youth Protection Program. It is free, and conveniently online. Please click through, watch the video and take the quiz to be fully ‘trained’. Once you’ve done this, please email me a copy of your certificate at, so I know that you’ve done this. While you’re there, feel free to browse through the other training courses offered. Most are around 30 minutes long, and are very informative.  More trained parents and leaders means better program for our boys. Please consider getting yourself trained.

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Independence Day Parade

Ok, everybodies…  our Pack is all signed up and ready to be well-represented in the Independence Day Parade – July 4th. Step-off is 9:00 AM.

We will meet a full hour before step-off: 8:00 AM, partly so we can be organized, partly because I have no idea where in the lineup we are – we could be first, we could be last – and I want to be ready.

Meeting Place is the BankIowa Parking Lot, across the street from the St. John Parish parking lot. Boys should be dressed in their Dress Blue Uniform Shirt, belt/loops, nice shorts (khaki or navy blue. If they’re wearing denim/jean shorts, please make sure they’re tidy – no “cutoff strings”, please), and sturdy walking shoes – no flip-flops, crocs, sandals. We’re walking a ways on concrete, decent shoes with socks are common sense. And shirts should be tucked in!

I have to scamper at the end of the parade, as I have a second commitment immediately following the parade (I’m in the Indee Community Band, we play at 11:30 – come and watch!), so when you pick up your boy, please check in with one of the other Adult Leaders who will be present.

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Fontana Fishing Contest

I know this is late notice, but this Saturday, June 16, from 9 – 11:30 AM, Fontana Nature Center is holding a Fishing Contest. There will be two divisions: Under 16 (no entrance fee), and 16 and over ($5.00 entrance fee). Those under 16 do not need a Fishing License, those 16 and over must have a valid Iowa Fishing License, which are easily purchased at the Sports Counter at Wal-Mart for around $19. They are also available at Hardware Hank’s, I believe.

Prizes will be awarded in both divisions in two different categories – Most number of fish caught, and Heaviest fish.

The Fishing Contest is part of a bigger celebration at Fontana this weekend… Friends of Fontana will be hosting an Ice Cream Social after the contest to celebrate the opening of a new snake exhibit. So stick around for some sweet treats and check out the new habitat.

If you’d like to participate, but do not have fishing equipment, please don’t let that stop you. Get in touch with me – we have plenty of fishing gear that we’re willing to let you use.

**Update: You will be responsible for your own bait (worms, minnows, or leeches) and “terminal tackle” – you need to provide your own bobbers, hooks (a range of sizes between about #2 and #6 should do nicely), snap swivels, if desired, and lures. All of this can be found as close as Wal-Mart, or you can road trip to Gander Mountain (C.R.) or Scheels (C.F.)**

Finally, if you do plan to attend, please take a quick look at the Fishing Belt Loop and Pin Requirements. With minimal effort, your boy will qualify for the Loop. With a little more effort, he can probably get the pin, too. (hint: this contest qualifies for the first requirement for the Pin)

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